Red Hat: Command Line Heroes
Command Line Heroes is a Red Hat podcast series highlighting a few incredibly talented inventors who transformed technology, but haven't been properly credited for their contributions. The opening animation features three amazing Black inventors: 
Jerry Lawson: Inventor of the Fairchild Channel F, the precursor to modern video game systems
Marc Hannah: One of the founders of Silicon Graphics (SGI) where the special-effects genius developed 3D graphics technology 
Gladys West: Mathematician who helped invent GPS
Company: Red Hat
Motion Design Studio: BIEN
Creative Direction; Hung Le
Production: Ricardo Roberts
Animation Direction: Carlos Alegria
Illustration: Carlos Alegria
2D Animation: Carlos Alegria, Ricardo Mendes, Deanna Reilly
3D Animation: Deanna Reilly
Music and SFX: Joe Basile

Behind the Scenes:
Here are a few shots I put together in 3D (Cinema 4D) and helped finish in 2D

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