This short animation is aimed at young kids who have been separated from their families and placed in foster care. When this happens, kids encounter a dizzying array of new faces. It’s an on-going challenge to deliver consistent answers to a child’s desperate questions during such a vulnerable time:  "What happened? Why am I here? Who are you? What will happen next? When can I go home?" When kids are brought in at DC Child Welfare, the staff give the child a “Worry Eater”. The child then writes down his/her worries, puts it into the Worry Eater's mouth and zips it up. We brought that concept into the animation which helped tell our story in a playful way that children can relate to.
 — “I hang on to worries so you don’t have to!”
Client: DC Child & Family Services Agency 
Producer: Pendragwn Productions
Art Direction, Design & Animation: Deanna Reilly
Voice: Tom Howell
Moodboard and Colour Palette
Rough Storyboard
Character Sheets
Style Frames

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