This was such a fantastic project! Starting from just a script and client brief, I conceptualised, storyboarded, animated, edited and sound designed this personal project from start to finish. See the case study below for more details.
This was created apart of School of Motion’s Explainer Camp – Jan 2018 class.
Case Study
A look into my creative process:
First and foremost, I get to know the client, their brand and what they're trying to achieve with the animation. Although this was a personal project (done through School of Motion), the client was fictional, but it was important to stick to the script and the brand guidelines. I like to work with pencil on paper to quickly get my ideas down and build a blueprint. I use Pinterest to gather ideas on look and feel and to create a moodboard. Once I have a good idea about the direction of the piece. I build out an animatic - the sketched frames, timed out to scratch VO and a music track. I share all of this with the client for feedback. This is when things start to get fun! 
Here's the animatic timed out with scratch VO and music. Yep, that's my voice! Don't worry, we'll use a pro for the final animation.
After approval, I move on to the style frames and put together a boardomatic.
Finally! On to animation. My favourite part! 
The project was done in about six weeks and during that time, I pushed not only my design and animation skills, but also my conceptual and storytelling skills. It was a great learning experience and I've grown as an artist having worked through all stages of the production life cycle. I feel confident now that I can bring to life a any variety of topics using strong visual metaphors.

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