I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the lovely folks at Coroflo in Dublin. Their brand new product, the Coro, is the first ever breastfeeding monitor that can measure exactly how much milk the baby is getting. It's an amazing piece of technology that I'm a huge fan of (especially as a mother) and was delighted they chose me to help bring their vision to life. 
Client: Coroflo
Art Direction, Design, Animation & Sound Design: Deanna Reilly
Voice: Breffni Holahan
The brief was simple. Starting with just a script, my task was to tell a 45 second visual story about the featured product, the Coro. The first step was to put pencil to paper and sketch my visual ideas. Using my own voice, I recorded the scratch voiceover track and timed out the sketches to the VO. I then selected the perfect stock music track to suit the mood of the piece and edited it to fit the 45 second length. I also created a few style frames and included those in the animatic. This created a great video teaser for the client to easily provide feedback. They loved it and with only minor edits, we were able to quickly move on to the finished animation. Below is the animatic shared with the client.
Coroflo are an amazing company with an amazing product for new mums. I wish I had a Coro when my son was born!

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